Does anyone else feel relieved that males aren’t staring, drooling, or flirting with them anymore?

I spent my pre-teens to young adult life having men staring, drooling, or flirting…I had many male coworkers and executives say things they really shouldn’t to their female coworkers or subordinates.  But this all went away when I hit my 40’s, nope nothing drastic had changed physically, I just got older.

I like this part of aging, it’s been a blessing to me, I can go about my life in peace, I don’t worry anymore that men aren’t staring, drooling or flirting, because I know I aged out of their interest. I’m beyond my reproductive years. I’m now anonymous in men’s worlds (except my husbands who still treats me like he hasn’t seen me naked for the last 12 years) and even though men no longer “check me out” I still admire and check them out! As my husband always says “hey I’m not dead yet!”

How about you?