I was never the prettiest girl, so had to learn early how to wear make up to enhance what I have. As I’ve gotten older, and more comfortable with me, I don’t wear make up when I’m not at work, or not at an event where there will be photos that could get posted all over Facebook!

Yesterday, I was called into work on a day off, I was out and about and my clothing was fine, but I warned, “I don’t have any make up on, so don’t be scared”. I got to work and a friend said, “you should go without make up more often, you look better. Sometimes as we age, we tend to wear more make up to hide wrinkles”. I thought, I’m not trying to hide anything, you can’t hide wrinkles, I’m only trying to enhance what I have…or still have. And another coworker came to me and said I do look great without make up.

I appreciated that other women thought I looked great without make up, but was sort of insulted. I asked my husband when I got home, “now answer honestly, do I look better without any make up, or with make up?” And predictably he said “either way, you look the same to me”. Terrific, so why do I even bother?!

Conclusion, no matter what anyone else says, I’m the only one who has to feel comfortable with me. I’m happy in my skin, with my face, and it’s ageing, but I also feel attractive when I put make up on too…and if I give up on that, then what will I let fall by the wayside next, bathing?

Do what feels good to you!