About 5 years ago I began coughing, a dry cough and a chronic runny nose, I thought I had allergies. Then I started losing my voice, I became hoarse most of the time. I had trouble breathing. Then my heart would race, the episodes became more frequent, and I had a pressure/tightness in my chest. Then I began to have a burning in my throat. I had told my doctor often over the years, but he shrugged. As I got worse my doctor said asthma. I told him I do NOT have asthma, and am not going to take asthma medication, he’d shrug. A year ago my doctor said “you have Silent Acid Reflux” once he explained it to me, it fit all my symptoms. (Note, heart palpitations aren’t on the list of symptoms, but many people online reported acid splashes against your heart and will cause problems).

I gave up my daily Starbucks coffee and green iced tea, I gave up chocolate, greasy food, fried food, bell peppers, onions, spicy food, cheese, tomatoes, orange juice, spaghetti sauce…anything that could be causing this awful pain. No it wasn’t easy, dark chocolate is the love of my life, coffee a close second, I missed them so much. But once my heart became affected, and my throat burned, I didn’t have a choice, but it didn’t stop me from trying to find one.

I tried prescription meds, it only made things worse or didn’t do anything. I tried many home remedies that didn’t work, I tried many over-the-counter options, I did NOT want to give up my favorite foods, and I wanted it fixed NOW. Eventually I found Marshmallow Root, and that really worked for me (and my Mom when I turned her on to it). But it took about a year of watching my diet and Marshmallow Root.

Once I had my afib event that landed me in the hospital I said to hell with this, I could have died, I’m going to eat a little of what I love. So french fries once a week, Starbucks iced green tea once a week, over eating on occasion, eating creamy sauces, spaghetti, bell peppers, spicy food and chooooocolate…mmmm…..I steered clear of fried and greasy, but now 3 months later, my acid reflux is back!

Back on the diet…anyone else suffering from this tenacious problem?