When I first started this journey it started with anxiety. No one else I’ve talked to has had the same experience. The most prevalent and prevailing symptom seems to be hot flashes and/or night sweats. I did have these, but for a short few months to a year and then they never came back or occurred again. But I have friends who continue to suffer into their 60’s with this issue.

The other side effects just so anyone new to this doesn’t think they’re crazy, which is exactly what I thought was happening to me…

  • anxiety- this was the worst experience ever
  • insomnia- this is the one symptom I have not been able to solve. I get 2-3 hours and on a good night 4-5 hours of sleep. And I used to be a weekend napper. I can’t even nap anymore.
  • fears- I no longer like anything out of my norm/routines, I don’t like freeways or flying, this has changed my “when I get older” plans for visiting friends in other countries. I can’t even get on a freeway to see friends and family close by!
  • heart palpitations- I have a heart problem but the palpitations got really bad
  • itchy- I itch all over!
  • bitchy- to the point of irrational ridiculousness over small things, full on explosion of emotions and anger
  • weepy- crying over insignificant nothings and touching commercials or news reports
  • forgetfulness- I used to pride myself on how sharp I was, remembered everything…operative words “used to”
  • depression- it’s mild but it’s always there
  • racing mind- this only affected me for the first 2 years and then finally; blessedly it stopped.
  • lack of sex drive- and I don’t mean it slowed down, I completely lost interest
  • dry skin- my face is always peeling and dry and I’ve tried thick moisturizers, it’s all temporary

I started this journey (or hell as I call it) 11 years ago, I look forward to hearing from all of you who may be past this stage, in the middle of it or at the very beginning. I can say it’s a different experience for every woman.